Sheer Elegance in an Historic Setting


The Post House Ballroom is owned and operated by the Lee County Council on Aging, Inc., 
and any profits go toward senior services in Lee County.

The Post House Ballroom seats two hundred forty guests at tables, with a capacity for two hundred-eighty. The facility is handicapped-accessible. Also available is a kitchen and bar, as well as linens, china and glassware. With the high ceilings, we have wonderful music acoustics. There is a dance floor and room for a DJ or a small band. The available PA system accommodates meetings, dinner announcements, speeches, etc. We are available for any type of occasion. You will find that the Ballroom has an upscale look but is affordable enough to make your next event a step above the rest. It’s perfect for events like showers, parties, ceremonies, receptions,  meetings, seminars, dinners, reunions and more.

Available Payment Options

We accept most major credit cards.

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Cathy Reglin


kitchen amenities

  • Regular stove
  • China, Silverware, Water goblets 
  • Wine goblets, Champagne goblets
  • Dishwasher, 3-compartment sink
  • Ice machine
  • Refrigerator (full unit, no freezer) 

BAR options

  • A fully stocked bar is available   
  • You may choose an open bar
  • You may choose a cash bar
  • You may choose a combo of both
  • You may choose no bar


The Ballroom has seating for 240, with a capacity for 280 using chairs or standing.
Tables and chairs are included with facility rental.


Since we do not prepare food, you may hire a caterer, or prepare and bring in your own food.


The renter is responsible for cleaning and storing all dish ware and flatware used. The kitchen’s dishwasher, sinks, and chemicals are available at no cost for this purpose.


Unless rented, decorating can be done the day before the event.  To assure that you can decorate on the day before, consider renting that day at the reduced rate.



The Post House has an historical ambiance that makes it unique from other banquet facilities. Near the turn of the century, the federal government deemed it necessary to obtain land on which to later construct a large federal building for the post office. The lot chosen was on the corner of West Second Street and South Galena Avenue across the avenue from the Lee County Court House and directly next to the the Nachusa House. The construction project commenced in August 1909, while B. F. Shaw was postmaster. It took nineteen months and $90,000 to complete the building. The original building was constructed of Bedford stone, marble, granite, steel and terrazzo. On March 11, 1911, the post office finally opened with thousands of citizens in attendance. When it opened, William L. Frye was the postmaster, as Shaw had died shortly after the groundbreaking. 

This post office served the postal needs of the Dixon area for 51 years until a new facility was built in 1962.The building laid empty for two years, then a group of businessmen bought the post office building. They converted the upstairs into a bar and banquet room. These gentlemen were involved in bringing the two grand chandeliers that adorn the main room of the Post House Ballroom. The exact origin of the chandeliers isa mystery, but rumors say they came from the famous Waldorf Hotel in New York City, after it was dismantled.After changing hands again, the Lee County Council on Aging obtained the building in 1978 with the agreement that if they could maintain the building for ten years they could achieve full ownership. Through city funded grants, the Senior Center was able to renovate the building. The outside of the building, which had been painted gray, was chemically washed to reveal the stone we see today. The three-story spiral stair case was replaced with a two story elevator. 

The building is handicapped-accessible. Still visible are the markings on the inside windows where the post office boxes were installed. The signs for money orders, general delivery, and savings bonds also remain where they were in the original post office building. The basement of the building was originally used as storage and the furnace area. It is reported that the post office inspectors entered the building through the lower level and used the spiral staircase to reach the thrid floor, where they would surreptitiously watch as the postal workers worked in the main room. The third floor is only accessible, currently, by the rungs on the wall in the closet off of the kitchen.


The kitchen, refrigerator, tables and chairs are included in the facility rental.

Ending before 5pm on Sunday thru Friday

The cost is $100 for two (2) hours or under, then $25.00 each additional hour needed.

After 5pm on Sunday thru Thursday

The cost is $150 for two (2) hours or under, then $25.00 each additional hour needed.


Friday after 5PM the cost is $300.  Saturday and major holidays (all day) the cost is $750 .  When renting on Saturday, there are reduced rental rates for Friday after 5pm ($250) and Sunday ($75.00).

Hot Equipment Rental Fees

$100.00 when you bring in your roasters or other hot equipment, or use our stove/oven.

Linen, Service & Misc Rental Fees

  • $8.00 per Linen Tablecloth
  • $0.50 per Linen Napkin
  • $2.00 per Table Service
  • $0.75 per Table Service Set-up
  • $15.00 per Table Skirting
  • $10.00 Projector Screen
  • $10.00 Gift Card Box
  • $100.00 PA system with microphone, CD player and iPod player
  • $50.00 ARCH/TV&VCR-DVD/Piano
  • $40.00 40-cups coffee
  • $80.00 100-cups coffee

Bartender Staffing Fees

$100.00 per bartender (number of bartenders is based on number of guests – normally one bartender for 100 guests, two or more for over 100)